How to solve plot problems with a simple technique

In this article, you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful technique to solve all of your plot problems. If you’ve come here from Wattpad, you probably just want the Solving Plot Problems Template that you can use for your own plot problem today.

Especially in science fiction and fantasy, or in any longer story with a large amount of elements or characters that you need to keep track of, there are the inevitable plot problems that can really stump us writers.

plot problems

Writer’s Block by Jonno Witts on Flickr

I’m sure you’ve experienced it…. “If Character X does this, then that will affect Character Y in this way, which doesn’t work because people in World Z don’t do that kind of thing. But if Character X doesn’t do that, then how does she do it?”

I found while writing my first novel (an epic science fiction spanning multiple generations with 5 main characters) that these kind of plot problems could be so severe and intimidating that I often gave up working on my novel for weeks, months or years at a time. I would wait for the answers to “hit” me like bolts of magical inspiration lightening. Sometimes they did hit me — sometimes in the strangest places, like in the shower, or driving my car, or just after waking up. But often they didn’t hit me and I was left with plot problems that felt like I’d never be able to solve. EVER.

Then I discovered this technique, which I’m about to show you. And now, whenever I run into a plot problem, I sit down and use it and it ALWAYS works. It’s simple and will take you less than 30 minutes to learn how to use for your own story. Continue reading